Inside Supply Management’s Best of 2016

The end of business today marks the start of Institute for Supply Management®’s end-of-year close. With our office closed through January 2, leaving plenty of holiday time to relax and enjoy our families, we admit to feeling a little bit like children on the last day of school. But before departing, we would like to leave our own little bag of goodies — the best of Inside Supply Management® of … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Last Blast at ISM2016

The ISM2016 Annual Conference in Indianapolis concluded with a half-day of activity on Wednesday, but participants showed an eagerness to finish strong — both onsite and on social media. The #ISM2016 hashtag received plenty of use as presenters, exhibitors and attendees shared thoughts from the Conference's last sessions and said farewell until next year. Speaking of next year, can you imagine … [Read more...]

Chief Spend Officer as the Next Procurement Trend

The Indirect CPO as The Next Chief Spend Officer ISM2016 session on Wednesday, May 18 Presenter: David Hearn, chief advisory officer, CPO Advisement Services and former indirect CPO at Juniper Networks, Kaiser Permanente and Sun Microsystems. Think of the indirect chief procurement officer in a new way: as an organization's chief spend officer, Hearn says. Such a position enables an … [Read more...]

Strategies When Contracting for SaaS Systems

Buying Everything as a Service ISM2016 session on Tuesday, May 17 Presenters: Mark Trowbridge, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS, principal, Strategic Procurement Solutions, and Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer and director, Spend Matters and Azul Partners. There are many choices when it comes to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS products, and contracts offered by providers can vary in coverage and fees, the … [Read more...]

Implementing a Corporate Sustainable Living Initiative

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan ISM2016 session on Tuesday, May 17 Presenter: Craig Gentry, vice president, business development, Unilever Food Solutions North America Unilever is on a sustainable living mission. The company’s Sustainable Living Plan is on the way to help more than 1 billion people improve their health and well-being and enhance their lifestyles as well as halve the … [Read more...]

Handling Mergers and Acquisitions Strategically

Merged Fortunes: Integrating Separate Procurement Organizations ISM2016 session on Tuesday, May 17 Presenter: Cathy Herr, senior director, global procurement, Elanco Animal Health, Indianapolis. Mergers and acquisitions can be hostile or cooperative, and can differ in size, ranging from a product acquisition in which business continues as usual to merger with a large company, which … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s ISM2016 Sweet Tweets

The #ISM2016 hashtag continued getting liberal use during the second full day of ISM's Annual Conference in Indianapolis. Here's a sampling of the experiences that presenters, exhibitors and attendees shared on Twitter. On Tuesday, the supply management world was Tim Fiore's; everyone else was just conferencing in it. That's the case when the J. Shipman Gold Medal Award is presented, and Fiore, … [Read more...]

Leave a Lasting Imprint: Tips for Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

Leadership Fast Track — Learn How These Young Professionals Have Raced Ahead and Plan to Stay There ISM2016 session on Monday, May 16 Presenters: Dion Ferrell, vice president, strategic sourcing, Simmons Bedding Company, and Scott Ottenheimer, vice president, QBE North America. What prevents employees from moving up the corporate ladder? Often it’s lack of experience, say the presenters … [Read more...]

Making Outsourcing a Strategy

Insourcing & Outsourcing: Understanding Your Organization’s Core Competencies ISM2016 session on Monday, May 16 Presenter: Lorna Pruitt, senior manager, procurement, for Coca-Cola Outsourcing can be a way to enable your company’s growth and minimize risk, Pruitt says. It also can be a way to gain expertise and capacity. Key takeaways concerning an outsourcing decision: Don’t … [Read more...]

Alan Mulally’s Roadmap to Success

Alan Mulally has an 11-step approach to success. At the top of the list is "People first." It's followed by "Everyone is included." Mulally should know what works: As president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, he helped turn the car maker, which had been losing billions of dollars, into a success story. Like other American automakers, Ford was facing huge challenges in 2006, the year Mulally took … [Read more...]