The Intersection of Freight and Compliance

By Cindy Yamamoto In 2010, two bombs hidden in printer cartridges were shipped from Yemen to Chicago. In a matter of days, they moved by truck and air through four countries before one was intercepted in Great Britain, the other in Dubai. The incident triggered a global response and called attention to vulnerabilities in the international freight transportation network. Security and the … [Read more...]

Compliance Strategy Goes Beyond Following the Rules

By Peter Liston The difference between basic trade compliance and a comprehensive compliance strategy can be measured in millions of dollars. Basic competency in completing import/export paperwork is just the baseline for entering the international marketplace. Success depends on understanding the markets, legal requirements, and tax implications. Only then can you develop market-specific … [Read more...]

Brexit’s Cascading Impact on Global Trade

By Hannah Kain, President and CEO, ALOM We have all gotten used to simply hitting the “buy” button on a shopping cart and then expect our order to arrive shortly thereafter. We hardly pay any attention to the origin of the shipment, and sometimes we may be surprised to see where it comes from. Businesses and governments have been focused on how to facilitate goods crossing borders with minimal … [Read more...]

The Economy’s Bright Future

Touching on the challenges the U.S. faces – taxes and debt – economist Barry Asmus gave an energetic and entertaining economic overview, highlighting the opportunities that will shape global growth into the 21st century. “If we get our financial house in order, these will be the best of times,” Asmus told attendees at ISM2015. After discussing economic challenges, he outlined three … [Read more...]

Helping Small Enterprises Enter the Exports World

The old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to smaller US firms that might not know how to take advantage of opportunities to do business outside of the country. Atlanta’s Metro Export Plan (MEP) helps small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) identify opportunities for exporting in the Atlanta region, and two representatives from Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce shared their … [Read more...]