#ISM2017: Twitter’s All Ears

The #ISM2017 hashtag got colorful use on Twitter during the second full day at the Annual Conference at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Attendees on Tuesday posted their thoughts on a compelling keynote address, saluted the recipient of the supply management profession's highest honor and took advantage of the extracurricular activities offered by the Conference site. David Cameron, … [Read more...]

Handling Human Rights Issues in Tech Supply Chains

Guest Post By John Kloosterman and Michael Congiu The electronics and information communications technology (ICT) industries are ever-prevalent today, and depending on your point of view, they have either profoundly connected or polarized our world. Like it or not, we rely on these devices every day at work and in our personal lives. Global businesses are always looking for the most … [Read more...]

How to Navigate Thorny Ethical Paths

By Chris Martus In science, the Anna Karenina principle is based on the opening sentence of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Meaning that in any situation with multiple dynamics, an optimal outcome can only be achieved if every factor is positive. In other words, if any factor is missing or inadequate, the entire system … [Read more...]

Seminar provides purchasing playbook

ISM Seminar spoiler alert: One of the first things instructor Edward F. Cocca does in “Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism” is hold up a blank sheet of paper. “I’ll hold it up and point out that it has boundaries, horizontally and vertically, with a flat plane. It’s defined. That’s theory,” says Cocca, a Scottsdale, Arizona, based consultant and … [Read more...]

Tesla’s Supply Chain Charging Up to Meet Demand

When electric-car manufacturer Tesla announced it was releasing a lower-cost Model 3 in March, excited consumers lined up in droves for the chance to make reservations for these iconic autos. The Model 3 will retail around US$35,000 before tax credits, and is not expected to be released until 2017 at the earliest. Tesla has received about 325,000 orders for the Model 3, but now comes the tough … [Read more...]

Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective

If you want to find out what some of the finest leaders in supply chain diversity are doing, the Tuesday morning session “Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective” was the place to be. Five heavyweights in the field shared their insights in an information-packed, one hour panel discussion. Moderated by Joan Kerr, director supply chain social responsibility for Pacific Gas and Electric, the … [Read more...]

Assess Human Rights Risks Before the Next Tragedy Strikes

It was just a year ago that the world’s attention focused on the horrible conditions at the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in the aftermath of the tragic factory collapse. The disaster also revealed the ongoing challenges supply management practitioners face in assessing social compliance in global supply chains. A major challenge lies in the fact that the weak links in a company’s … [Read more...]

Time Is Running Out for Conflict-Free Compliance

It’s been almost four years since the U.S. Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act, mandating that public companies disclose the use of conflict minerals in their supply chains. With the May 31, 2014, deadline for compliance looming, time is no longer on the side of supply management practitioners working to verify that their company and its suppliers are not sourcing minerals from countries mired in … [Read more...]

Unraveling Forced Labor Abuses in the Global Supply Chain

For a commodity with such a "soft" image, cotton sourcing can be a prickly challenge for companies focused on ethical supply chain practices. In Uzbekistan each year, over one million citizens are forced to work in the cotton industry under harrowing conditions. On February 20th, the Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN) released the report Cotton Sourcing Snapshot: A Survey of Corporate Practices to … [Read more...]