Cyber Thieves’ Latest Catch: ‘Whaling’

First, there was phishing, then spear phishing. Now, a new term has taken hold as cyber thieves aim their harpoons at even bigger catches. The result is whaling, where hackers’ bait is the highest positions of authority in a company, masquerading through email as a senior executive to attempt to fool an employee or supplier into releasing money, procurements or sensitive information. In June, … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing and Data Sensitivity Concerns

By Timothy P. O’Toole and John C. Eustice Supply management companies around the globe are looking to cloud computing as a way to store data. But because servers are located worldwide and because of the sensitive or confidential nature of some of the information stored in those servers, governments, including the United States, are becoming increasingly concerned about export controls … [Read more...]

The Many Benefits of Supply Chain Digitization

By Christian Lanng, Tradeshift CEO To stay competitive in today’s digital market, companies often have to invest in expensive digital technologies for sales, marketing and business development purposes. One area that most companies overlook when it comes to digitization, however, is the supply chain. Digitizing the supply chain can help enterprises save time, money and … [Read more...]

What’s On Your Mind?

Executives have shifted their focus — and their worries — from the economy to the challenges that data, technology and the supply chain present to their companies. While a survey of nearly 500 C-suite and senior executives reveal that digital strategies are a top priority, it also finds they consider the supply chain their number-one challenge. In the Global Top of Mind Survey, 38 percent of … [Read more...]

Are Cybersecurity Risks Lurking in Your Supply Chain?

Business leaders need to establish a common, companywide defense to handle the ever-changing threat of cybersecurity attacks. By: Timothy Hall Cybersecurity is among the top concerns facing businesses today ― no real surprise, given the number of highly publicized data breaches, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, and growing cost and complexity of fixing these problems. With … [Read more...]

The Data Breach Risk in Your Pocket

The recent Heartbleed security threat is forcing companies to revise data security policies to prevent serious cyberattacks before they occur. While Heartbleed has mostly been handled by now, technology experts are concerned about what the next major cybersecurity threat will be. Mobile devices and smartphones, now ubiquitous with the traveling employee, need special attention to reduce the risk … [Read more...]

Scoping Supply Chain Cyber Risk

Supply chains can be cybersecurity targets because of the proprietary design, pricing and contract intelligence that flow through them. In the March 2014 issue of Inside Supply Management®, Timothy Hall, president of AZORCA Cyber Security, LLC in Millersville, Maryland, examined the cybersecurity risks that could be lurking in your own supply chain. He also offers tips on how supply management … [Read more...]