Stop Calling End-Users ‘Customers’

By Chris McGraw “We have to serve our customers!” You hear it all around you. It sounds like you’re in the sales department. But you’re not. You’re in procurement. In procurement departments at companies of every size and in every industry, the word “customer” is often used to mean the internal stakeholders and end users of the materials and services being procured. “Customer” seems like a … [Read more...]

Supplier Diversity Essential Strategy at Arizona Utility

At Salt River Project (SRP), supplier diversity isn’t just a program, it’s an initiative. The Tempe, Arizona-based utility, which serves more than 1 million electric and water customers, looks at supplier diversity as an essential sourcing practice, says Patti Pyle, SRP’s manager of diversity. Her team raises awareness of the importance of including and using diverse suppliers by educating … [Read more...]

Brexit’s Cascading Impact on Global Trade

By Hannah Kain, President and CEO, ALOM We have all gotten used to simply hitting the “buy” button on a shopping cart and then expect our order to arrive shortly thereafter. We hardly pay any attention to the origin of the shipment, and sometimes we may be surprised to see where it comes from. Businesses and governments have been focused on how to facilitate goods crossing borders with minimal … [Read more...]

Implementing a Corporate Sustainable Living Initiative

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan ISM2016 session on Tuesday, May 17 Presenter: Craig Gentry, vice president, business development, Unilever Food Solutions North America Unilever is on a sustainable living mission. The company’s Sustainable Living Plan is on the way to help more than 1 billion people improve their health and well-being and enhance their lifestyles as well as halve the … [Read more...]

Helping Small Enterprises Enter the Exports World

The old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to smaller US firms that might not know how to take advantage of opportunities to do business outside of the country. Atlanta’s Metro Export Plan (MEP) helps small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) identify opportunities for exporting in the Atlanta region, and two representatives from Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce shared their … [Read more...]

Innovation and Diverse Suppliers

In the not-too-distant future, minority populations in the United States will be the majority, and businesses “will die on the vine” if they don’t connect with minority communities and make diverse businesses an integral part of their supply chains. Diverse suppliers may surprise supply management practitioners by their agility and their ability to provide innovative products and services, … [Read more...]

The Connected Enterprise

By Ron Guido, Consultant for Covectra and president of LifeCare Services, LLC There is a massive proliferation of online and digital content competing for our attention every day. So what does this age of Internet information sharing mean for businesses, especially in terms of brand marketing, customer interface and supply chain management? Quite simply, in order to be competitive in this … [Read more...]

The Art of Pricing

After spending months sourcing parts or ingredients for a new product and setting up a unique supply chain to handle the company’s newest market introduction, how much time does your company devote to setting the price? In other words, is pricing an art or an afterthought? Establishing a price strategy can help companies increase their competitive advantage and bottom line, says Per Sjofors, … [Read more...]