The Economy’s Bright Future

Touching on the challenges the U.S. faces – taxes and debt – economist Barry Asmus gave an energetic and entertaining economic overview, highlighting the opportunities that will shape global growth into the 21st century. “If we get our financial house in order, these will be the best of times,” Asmus told attendees at ISM2015. After discussing economic challenges, he outlined three … [Read more...]

Is Your Supply Chain Resilient?

Is resilience just the latest business buzzword or term du jour that business and supply chain professionals are talking about -- but doing very little about? What does a resilient organization look like? These and other questions about building resilient companies and supply chains were tackled in an ISM2015 presentation “Resilience … Taking Continuity to the Next Level.” And Betty A. Kildow … [Read more...]

Honoring a Role Model

Citing the inspiring words of John Quincy Adams -- “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are leader” -- Bradley J. Holcomb was introduced at ISM2015 Tuesday as the 84th recipient of the J. Shipman Gold Medal Award. With a career spanning over 35 years and six companies, Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD, was honored as a visionary leader, successful driver of … [Read more...]

Innovation and Diverse Suppliers

In the not-too-distant future, minority populations in the United States will be the majority, and businesses “will die on the vine” if they don’t connect with minority communities and make diverse businesses an integral part of their supply chains. Diverse suppliers may surprise supply management practitioners by their agility and their ability to provide innovative products and services, … [Read more...]

Making Data Analytics Work

Supply chain organizations today are inundated with data, but two key points supply management practitioners need to examine are how critical is valid, accurate, complete and reliable data to their organization and exactly what can solid data analytics provide. Kay Bello, a procurement and supply process transformation professional, delved into those questions during a workshop Monday at … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Value

The value supply management brings to a company varies depending on where the business is on the maturity curve, whether it’s in a start-up phase or the more mature innovating phase. The challenge for supply management practitioners is bringing the right value at each stage of a company’s growth. In a packed session on opening day of ISM2015, Conrad Smith, senior director, global procurement at … [Read more...]

Where’s the (Omnichannel) Profit?

Providing customers with a seamless shopping experience is taking its toll on companies as they try to adapt their supply chains to the meet the “buy-anywhere, deliver-anywhere” demands of customers today. Retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are spending an enormous amount of money, energy and time improving their omnichannel sales capabilities. However, The Omni-Channel Fulfillment … [Read more...]

Is Procurement Lacking Needed Resources?

Cost reduction is a top priority for supply chain leaders in the year ahead, while supplier risk remains a major concern. However, two-thirds of the CPOs surveyed in the Fall 2014 Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Data Survey say they don’t have enough resources to manage their procurement operations effectively. “These finding indicate that procurement may not be sharing fully in the … [Read more...]

Are Technology Tools Making You More Productive?

Procurement systems have long been touted as cost- and time-saving technology tools that help the profession as it transitions from a tactical to a strategic function. While technology has changed the way supply management practitioners conduct business, a new study finds the systems may not be making procurement professionals as productive as they hope. A survey of 241 sourcing and financial … [Read more...]

Beyond Cost Savings

World-class procurement organizations have done such a good job reducing costs that they may have reached their limit. And that’s both good news and bad news. While they’re running “extremely lean” and may not be able to continue generating substantial savings, The Hackett Group’s research finds that top-performing organizations are working hard to prove their value in other ways. “The value … [Read more...]